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A passenger ship has the two sides of characteristics. One is a move mean like other means of transportation. Another is that a ship gives passengers great pleasures in staying the ship. We are researching with the considerations, which is safety and pleasant staying. Also we are considering the safe reservation at emergency.

Research Position at NMRI


A part of our advancing researches is introduced in follows.

To Solve the Problems for a Barrier-free Passenger Boat
Experiments of a Running Wheelchair on a Slope, Sept. 2000
Development of an Experimental Wheelchair
Simulation Model for a Wheelchair
Simple Experimental Slope to Image a Waving Ship
Wheelchair Lock System
Waving Test Bench for Model Wheelchairs
Experiments of a Running Wheelchair on a Slope, June. 2001
Assistance Device for a Hand-operated Wheelchair
Development of a Hand-operated Wheelchair Model
Development of an Electric Wheelchair Model
Experiment of Taking Refuge on a Passenger Ship
Test Driving Report of an Electric Wheelchair on Simple Experimental Slope
Assistance Device with Limited Slip Differential Gear

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