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Research of Barrier-Free Technology
at National Maritime Research Institute

We need a wide technology of barrier-free fields, i.e.; personal used goods such as an automobile and living goods, and public service such as a railroad and an institution. The barrier-free technology has been grown with developments of welfare equipments. Many engineers and researchers support these technologies.

The barrier-free research at National Maritime Research Institute focuses on the technology of ships and embarkation equipments, which is one of the public service. Our research is consist of a fundamental study, a human study and a study related to a ship sturucture.

As the fundamental study, we have developed several experimental tools and have measured the dynamics of a wheelchair with using the most of our specialities. We think that their results will be useful considerably for the many fields of the barrier-free technology. We also think that the results of the human study and the study related the ship structure will be useful greatly for a ship building technology and a review of the technical standard of a barrier-free ship.

We have a project plan of 4 years for the barrier-free technology. We hope that our barrier-free research will be spread to 'Human Study for All Passengers' based on the results of the 4 years project.

Research Position of the Barrier-Free at NMRI

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