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Interference of a Wheelchair and a Passenger's Flow
Experiment of Taking Refuge on a Passenger Ship

In order to keep the safety on taking refuge in a passenger ship, it is important to investigate the interference between a wheelchair user and a passenger's flow; i. e., how the flow changes its course overtaking the wheelchair, how the wheelchair user changes her course affected by the flow. So, we made an experiment of taking refuge on November 21, 2001.

30 walkers and a wheelchair user executed refuge experiments on the passage mock-up, which has 2 to 5 m width and 15 m length. A video camera was set over 30 m of the passage. The movements of the walkers and the wheelchair user are estimated an image processing of the video.

Photograph of the experiment

The walkers put on helmets of 30 colors to the image processing.

Staff: K. Katsuhara, N. Kiriya, Y. Niwa, Y. Matsukura, K. Miyazaki, Y. Ikemoto, N. Imasato, S. Ota, K. Hikida, O. Miyata, K. Hitata, a wheelchair driver and 34 students.

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