Simple Experimental Slope to Image a Waving Ship

April 26, 2001 by Koichi Hirata

Structure of the Slope

In order to investigate the characteristics of a wheelchair on a waving ship, a simple experimental slope is developed. Several boards of veneer, which have thickness of about 10 mm, are attached on a steel frame. The slope has length of about 11 m, and width of 1.2 m. Because the frame is constructed weakly, the boards become a waving test course shown in the below figure. The driver of a wheelchair can experience the difficulty of the operation that might be done on waving ships.

The Experimental Slope with Waving Course

Measuring Result

The below figure shows one of the measuring results on the slope. As the driver operates to keep a straight line, one side of wheels is braked and another is strongly driven. Also, the displacement to the side direction can be measured and estimated.

In the next step, we will investigate the suitable operation of a wheelchair and develop an assistance device for a wheelchair on waving ships, using the slope.

Measuring Result

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