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Wheelchair Lock System

June 2001, Koichi Hirata


When a wheelchair is used in a ship, we hope that the wheelchair can move actively as the same of that on the ground. However, when the ship is on big waves, the wheelchair must be locked on the floor board. Several lock systems for a wheelchair are developed for a bus and a barrier-free automobile. We bought two types of the lock systems, and discussed their applications for a ship.

Hand-operated Lock System

The hand-operated lock system (Autech Elco Co,. Ltd., One Touich Lock) is equipped under the floor, and is for a micro-bus or an one-box car. Hooks are set a flame of a wheelchair. And belts are stretched by the operation of a lever. When the lock system is operated suitably, the wheelchair is locked strongly.

Hand-operated Lock System

Electric-operated Lock System

The electric-operated lock system (Autech Elco Co,. Ltd., Chair-Lock) is developed fopr a bus. A rear wheel is inserted in the lock system. And the lock system can be controled easily to open and close, with a switch. The switch is located near the wheelchair user, so the user can operate the lock system by himself. Because one side of the wheels is locked, then the wheelchair is not locked stronger than the hand-operated lock system. However, we think that it is no problem for using on a waving ship.

Electric-operated Lock System


We comfirmed the operations of the wheelchair lock systems. Then we thought that they can be used on a waving ship. As an additional consideration, a passenger ship is different from a bus; the passengers spend a long time in the ship, and it is not certainly that a crew man or a helper is near a wheelchair user. So, we think to hope that the wheelchair user can operate the lock system by himself. Therefore, the electric-operated lock system is better in above two systems.

AUTECH ELCO Co,.LTD: This company develops barrier-free aotomobiles, reorganized parts, and the wheelchair lock systems (in Japanese).

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