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The "Strategic Innovation Creation Program" is a system in which the Cabinet Office of General Science and Technology and Innovation Conference distributes budgets by itself, beyond the framework of the government's Ministry and fields. In doing so, this body considers the entire project from basic research to the launch (commercialization), including regulations and regulatory reforms.

"Next-Generation Marine Resource Survey Technology (Marine Gipang Plan)"


Marine Technology Safety Research Institute is one of the challenges of the Strategic Innovation Creation Program: Next-Generation Marine Resource Survey Technology (Marine Gipang Plan)(We are participating in the Urajiro Program Director).
Specifically, as a technique for efficiently investigating submarine resources in a wide range of ocean areas, we are aiming to establish a research technique based on multiple operations of small AUV based on work vessels (research and development of multiple AUV operation methods and the like (high-efficiency compact system)).

AUV image
  Image of wide-range ocean survey (left) by the operation of a plurality of small AUV vehicles
Small AUV navigation image (upper right); Small AUV hovering type (lower right)