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Structural Strength Evaluation



In order to improve the safety assessment method of hull structure (yielding, buckling, fatigue strength, and ultimate strength as well as collision, vibration, noise, and reliability assessment), we conduct research on estimation of wave loads acting on hulls and simulation of structural response and collapse. Besides, the relevant water tank tests and large-scale structural experiments are carried out to validate and improve the performance of our simulation model. The research of development for hull structure monitoring system is conducted in conjunction with the advanced simulation model.




Hiroshi Ochi
Yasuhira Yamada
Masaru Hirakata
Chikahisa Murakami
Masayoshi Oka




Ship Structural Standards Group
Structural Analysis Research Group   




Multi Axis Loading System 
Structural Compression Machine (capacity: 500tonf)
Fatigue Experimental Facility under Long-Term Sea Water Environment
Sloshing Experimental Facility