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Experimental Fish Robots

In order to measure the basic performance of the fish robots, several experimental fish robots have been designed and built. These pages have been updating.

Prototype Fish Robot, PF-300 To Study Turning Performance

A fish robot named PF-300 has been developed with high turn-performance in mind. This page shows some of experimental results.

Straight Forward Propulsion Performance of the PF-300

Basic speed performance of the PF-300 it is measured in a straight line.

Prototype Fish Robot, PF-600 Designed To Study Propulsion Performance

The PF-600 has been designed and built in order to measure and study basic propulsion performance. This page shows some of experimental results.

The Stirling Engine for the Fish Robot

What is a suitable power source for the fish robot?
Here is a discussion on the application of a semi-free-piston Stirling engine.

Stirling Engine for fish robot, S-FPSE 2000

Here is our latest creation, the S-FPSE 2000. It is a model boat that uses a semi-free piston Stirling engine to power a fishlike propulsion system. It was just developed in September 2000.

Prototype Fish Robot, PF-700 Designed To Get High Speed

The PF-700 has a D/C motor as a power source. The shape was refered to a mackerel pike, so the PF-700 has very slim body.

Prototype Fish Robot, UPF-2001
The UPF-2001 aims to get high-performance and multi-purpose-used. We adopt various unique mechanisms based on our experiences.

Prototype Fish Robot, PF-200
The PF-200 has the up -down motion mechanism with a moving weight. We must adjust the floating force carefully for the up -down motion.

Prototype Fish Robot, PF-550
The PF-550 has a new type of the up -down motion mechanism. It is underconstructing yet (Jan. 2003).

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