Movies of the UPF-2001

Several MPEG movies of the UPF-2001 are published here. Please click a photograph, and look the movie.

The Demonstration Movie (20.3 MB, 1 min)

This is a demonstration movie including up-down motions. Several pictures with a underwater camera are very attractive.

The Launching Ceremony of UPF-2001 (2.0 MB)

The UPF-2001 started to swim on December 21, 2001. This movie is the memorial launching ceremony.

The Diving of UPF-2001 (2.7 MB)

The UPF-2001 has the fins for up-down motion. This movie shows the diving with the control of the fins. However it has not been controllable on December 27, 2001 yet.

The Accident (5.9 MB)

When the UPF-2001 swimed with an up-down motion, it had accidents.

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