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The Next Step for the Fish Robot Project

In this study, we have developed several fish robots, and measured their fundamental performance. As the next step of this study, we have plans which are the development of various type of fish robots, hydrodynamics discussion and the development of sensor and control technology.

(1) Development of various type of fish robots
The shapes and swimming methods of real fishes are very various. Each fish has good performance respectively. In the next step, we will consider the performance and develop the various type of fish robots.
(2) Hydrodynamics
In order to estimate the hydrodynamics performance in detail, we will measure and calculate the flow around the fish robot.
(3) Sensor and control technology
In order to get high quality work and high propulsive efficiency, we will study the sensors and the control technology.

After the above studies, we would like to develop an high-performance autonomous fish robot, which has 3 m of body length and a micro fish robot, which has 50 mm body length.

We think that the results of this study can suggest a new and high efficient propulsion device for the ship or underwater vehicle. And when the clever fish robot which can swim skillfully and intellectually is developed, it will contribute the investigation and observation of a mode of life in the sea. Also, the results will contribute the education for engineerings and the industrial technology.

Click hear and you can see an animation of the future fish robots.

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