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Relation between the speed and frequency

Measurement of the speed

The PPF-04 is swiming in a water tank with marking of vinyl tapes like a rught composite photograph. A video is taken by a 8 mm video camera, and lead the the time, t (sec) to forward the one length of the fish robot, L=190 (mm), and calculate the speed, V (m/s).

Relation between the speed and frequency

A right figure shows an experimental result of the PPF-04. As the operationg conditions, a phase angle between the tail part and tail fin is 90 degrees, and a moving angle is 30 degrees each side from the center line. This result shows that the swimming speed increases in proportion to higher frequency. In this experiment, the maximum speed is 0.14 m/s under 3.8 Hz frequency.

Video of the PPF-04
Turning performance of the PPF-04
Relation between the speed and phase angle
Measurement of electric power

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