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Turning performance of the PPF-04

Turning performance of the PPF-04

As the ways to turn the fish robot;
(1) A way to utilize breast fins or abdomen fins,
(2) A way to incline of the tail vibration from the center line,
(3) A way to change the velocity of left and right moving,
and others are considered. As the first step, (2) is adopted in this experiment.
A 360 degrees turning of the PPF-04 is shown in the left composite photograph. As the moving conditions, a phase angle between the tail part and tail fin is 90 degrees, a frequency is about 3 Hz, and a moving angle from 10 to 40 degrees of left from the center line. This result shows the PPF-04 turns with about 150 mm radius. Also, it is not well to turn the right, because the control program is not perfect, maybe.

Video of the PPF-04
Relation between the speed and frequency
Relation between the speed and phase angle
Measurement of electric power

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