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Let's build the Fish Robot PPF-06i! (Wood Hull Processing)

Let's build the Fish Robot!

Let's build the wood hull of the PPF-06i. Here, several balsa boards are piled up, and the hull is shaved by my hand, though there are various ways for the building.

Materials and tools
Balsa boards (about 10 mm thickness), a paper pattern with a reduced scale of 1/1, a saw, a wood knife, a wood glue, a wood file, sandpapers, a filler, a clear lacquer, a brush, a masking tape, the first coat and paints.

Step 1:
Balsa boards (about 10 mm thickness) are cutting with a paper pattern with a reduced scale of 1/1. Their boards are piled and fastened by a wood glue. Please use the full of glue for waterproof.

Step 2:
After the glue is dry, the shape of the hull is processed using a wood knife, a wood file and sandpapers. Please repair rugged surface with the use a wood filler, if you need.

Step 3:
In order get the perfect waterproof, a clear lacquer is painted the surface. Please use full of the lacquer.

Step 4:
When the first coat is painted, you can get the beautiful painted surface.

Step 5:
Paint the color from light color.

Step 6:
Mask and paint again for nice looking.

Step 7:
The hull is completed. It is waterproofed perfectly.

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