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Developmental Diary of the PPF-07i

June 9, 2000

I start the conceptual design. A servomotor and a battery are located in an acrylic case. An electric base for a microcomputer is located above the side of the case.

June 15, 2000

The approximate shape is completed, shown in the photographs at the right. An R/C receiver is located on the PPF-07i. It was confirmed that it could swim. However, there are several problems.

(1) It has a bad balance in the water.
(2) The floating hull idea did not work as well as anticipated.
(3) Its structure ended up more complicated than desired.
(4) Turning diameter was too large.

Two fish robots were built at the same time. I am about to finish the float hull, and install the microcomputer and sensors.

No good! It is not identical to the first PPF-07i. I must come up with a new fish robot.

June 20, 2000

The float hull is finished. Two fish robots are almost completed. One will be used to measured basic performance by me. Another will be developed further by Dr. Sugawara.

June 21, 2000

The microcomputer is installed. The program is almost finished.

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