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Various Versions of the PPF-08i

PPF-08i Type A

Type A is the most fundamental model of the PPF-08i. A one-chip microcomputer, PIC is used for the control. The PPF-08i Type A is moved by setting values of frequency and amplitude, for straight motion or turning motion, by the program in the microcomputer.

The belows photograph is the electric base located above side of the acrylic case. PIC16F84/20P is the microcomputer, U1. A 78L05 is used as the voltage regulator, U2. As the other electric parts, there are a Crystal (20 MHz), capacitors (0.1 uF) and switches (SW1-SW6). Switches SW4 and SW5 are located externally as touch sensors.

PPF-08i Type B

Dr. Sugawara developed Type B. Type B has a microcomputer and two infrared ray sensors to avoid obstacles. The electric base for the microcomputer and sensors is used the marketing kit.

PPF-08i Type C

Type C has an R/C receiver and it receives commands by a radio control. In order to move the servomotor appropriately, control parameters in the microcomputer are set via an R/C transmitter.
The belows photograph shows the controller. The PPF-08i is moved forward, or to right turn or left turn with very a simple operation. With more sophisticated software, it is capable of more complex motions.

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