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Developmental Diary of the PPF-09

February 7, 2002: Start to Design

The experimental fish robot, UPF-2001, which is developed on 2001, has up- down motion with fins. We confirmed to work the fins very well. But the UPF-2001 cannot turn at all with a rudder fin. The model fish robot, PPF-09 will be developed to confirm and demonstrate a 3D motion both the up- down and turning.

The figure to the right shows the first sletch of the PPF-09. It is based on the experimental fish robot, PF-300. Two servomotors moves a tail peduncle and a tail fin. The PPF-09 turns with the motion of the tail fin, and moves to up- down with side fins like the UPF-2001.

February 8, 2002: Locations of Servomotors and Shape of a Body

I discussed the location of servomotors with CAD as shown in the figure to the right. It was difficult to locate them compactly. I also discussed the shape of a body as shown in the belows figure. It was too difficult to adopt a slender streamline on a plane figure.

February 9, 2002: Outline of Structure

I compromised to decide the body of the PPF-09. The figure to the right shows a assembling plan at that time. The body length is 350 mm. The side view is a fat streamline, though the plane view is not streamlined.

The body and a tail peduncle are square boxes. A columnar battery case is located at bwlow side of the body. The PPF-09 uses three servomotors for the moving.

February 10, 2002: Drawing of Parts Plans

In order to build parts of the PPF-09, I draw parts plans. The PPF-09 consists of 23 kinds of mechanical parts, except marketing parts like servomotors and R/C system. Almost of the mechanical parts will be built with a milling machine.

February 13, 2002: Cutting Boards

Today, I cut acrylic boards and alminum boards only.

February 16, 2002: Milling of Acrylic Plastic Boards

I worked the size of the acrylic boards using a milling machine. Drillings and tapping are not finished yet. The works is stagnant, because I cannot keep enough time.

From February 16 to June 12, 2002: Stopping in the Development

The development of the PPF-09 has been stopping, because I have other official jobs.

June 20, 2002: Restart to Develop the Model Fish Robot

I have restarted to build the PPF-09 after interruption of four month.

June 26, 2002: Finish of Metal Working

The metal working except on several adjusting parts has been finished.

July 3, 2002: Wood Working

I built wood parts like a body, a tail peduncle and a tail fin, and painted clear lacquer them. Thus, the PPF-09 swims in water!

July 8 - 9, 2002: A Microcomputer Circuit and a Control Program

I made a microcomputer circuit for a R/C control. It is used a function of A/D converter, so the PPF-09 can be controled by a R/C transmitter like a R/C plane.

July 10 - 11, 2002: Patinting of the PPF-09

The PPF-09 was painted with white and light green. After five monthes from the conception, though a long break was included, the PPF-09 is finally completed to develop!

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