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Model Fish Robot, PPF-10 with 3-D Video Camera

Structure of the PPF-10

A fish robot, which has a video camera, can use in many applications in the sea. The PPF-10 is an image model that has two CCD cameras for a 3-D video system. It can not move and swim at all.

A man can decide a shape of an object as a solid body using his two eyes. In the casse of the PPF-10, it is aimed to decide a shape and size of the object using two CCD cameras. Also the PPF-10 has video transmitters, so it can transmit the video signals with wireless system.

The Model Fish Robot, PPF-10

Video Transmitters of the PPF-10

About the CCD Cameras

The CCD cameras of the PPF-10 are very cheap (about 50 dollars US). They are located in a plastic case. They can work with a battery or A/C adapter of D/C 12 V.

A Small CCD Camera

Inside of a CCD Camera Case

Configurations of the CCD Camera
Small Color Camera, 1/4 inch, 0.26 MP resolution CCD, MTV-54B0N
*Board type, *Panasonic 1/4 inch, 0.26 MP resolution Color CCD, *Effective resolution: 542Hx496V, *Horizontal resolution: 350, *The minium brightness: 1 Lux/F1.2(5600K), *Output: NTSC, 75 ohm, 1Vp-p or Y/C, *Input: DC12V (11-13V), *Price: 7400 yen.

Image Processor System

The figure to the right shows an outline of the 3-D image processor system. The image datas of the CCD cameras is transmitted to receivers. Thus, the video is shown on a screen through several image processor equipments. The video is projected as the 3-D image.

Here, these special equipments are that used the other research related seasickness.

Future Fish Robot with the 3-D Video System

The PPF-10 is not a completed model yet. When the underwater fish robot that has such video system is developed, we can see real fishes as a solid model. Also, we will be able to decide the shape and the size of the fishes, if the 3-D image processor system works suitably.

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