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Student-Built Model Fish Robot, 2001

June 11, 2001 by Syusuke Kawai and Koichi Hirata


This model fish robot, which is build by a student of Tokyo Denki University, Mr. Syusuke Kawai, is introduced here. Mr. Kawai is studying for his graduation thesis at National Maritime Research Institute, from April 2001 to March 2002. The fish robot as shown the photograph to the right was developed for the practice of mechanical design and machine processing.

This model fish robot uses a R/C servomotor, and oscillates the tail, which is consist of two joints. It is good swimer, because it has a special mechanism.

Building of the model fish robot

(1) Building of a hull
A hull is made piled balsa boards.
(2) Building of a hull
I am shaping the hull.
(3) Other wood parts
These are tail parts.
(4) Complete the hull
This is a completed hull.
(5) Complete the hull
A beautiful hull is completed.
(6) Metal working
I am building a part of drive mechanism.
(7) The special mechanism
This is a special mechanism by Mr. Kawai.
(8) Complete!
Finaly, the model fish robot is completed!
(9) The first trial
It is good swimer!

Movie of the model fish robot

This is great recommended movie. Why is it good swimer?

MPEG Movie of the Student-Built Model Fish Robot (1.8MB)

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