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Student-Built Model Fish Robot, 2002

January 8, 2003 by Koichi Hirata

Fish-like Model Boat

The photograph of the right shows the fish-like swiming model boat, which was made by Mr. Aoki (Tokyo Denki University). By making the model boat, he learned knowledges of machining and handling a microcomputer. The model has a servomotor for a R/C model, and swims with swinging a tail fin.

Model Underwater Vehicle

The photograph of the right shows the model underwater vehicle, which was made by Mr. Sakurai (Hosei University). By making the model vehicle, he also learned knowledges of machining. And he confirmed the effectiveness of the fins for up -down motion of a fish robot. As the results, it was confirmed that the model was required more higher swimming speed for the up -down motion.

Model Wheelchair with Differential Gears

Mr. Takada (Hosei University) made a model wheelchair as shown in the photograph to the right, though it is not related to the fish robot project. He made the model in order to get the knowledge of the machining and the imagine of a wheelchair assist device for his graduation thesis. A detailed information is in 'Assistance Device with Limited Slip Differential Gear' at Barrier-Free Ship Home Page.

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