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Student-Built Model Fish Robot, 2003

September 29, 2003 by Koichi Hirata

Students of Tokyo Denki University studied a microcomputer, and built simple fish robots. They built the swimmers with their ideas.

By Mr. Ishida

By Mr. Yokogawa
This is the most simple fish robot. It swims with the vibrated tail fin. This fish robot swims like a frog. Its fin moves to the front and the rear.

By Mr. Kubo (1st model)

By Mr. Kubo (2nd model)
This fish robot has an up -dowm motion tail fin. This is a good swimmer. This fish robot has a vibrated body. This is a good swimmer too.

A student of Kogakuin University built a simple robot like a Manta rey. It has two fins with up -down motions.

Demonstration Movie (MPEG, 3.0MB)

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