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Research Staff

Koichi Hirata
Environment and Energy Department, National Maritime Research Institute
Tel and Fax: +81-422-41-3607
Birth: June 5, 1967
Specialty: Mechanical Design, Mechanics and Stirling Engine

and several students


Our research institute, NMRI does not want to make any profits. Almost of our studies are enforced using a Japanese national tax. In order to enforce the study effectively, we hope to hear many opinions and comments from world-wide persons.

We would be very grateful if you could fill out the following questionnaire. Please help us make our web site better, and make our study better.

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Under 15 years
16 - 20 years
21 - 30 years
31 - 40 years
41 - 50 years
51 - 60 years
61 - 70 years
Above 71 years

1. How did you know an existence of my home page?
Search service on Internet
Book or publication
Link from other web site
Learn from a person

2. What fields of the fish robot are you interesting?
Manufacturing, Machine processing
Other mechanical fields (Vibration, Mechanism and etc.)
Fluiddynamics, Propulsive performance
Robotics, Control engineering
Underwater power source
Teaching materials of the fish robot
Amusements (as toys and models)
I am not interested.

3. What type of the fish robot did you like?
Multi Applicative fish robot (UPF-2001)
High speed fish robot (PF-700)
Propulsive performance of a fish robot (PF-600)
Turning performance of a fish robot (PF-300)
Model fish robots (PPF-01`PPF-05)
Microcomputer control of a fish robot (PPF-06i to PPF-08i)
3-D motion of a fish robot (PPF-09, UPF-2001)
3-D video system of a fish robot (PPF-10)
Semi-free-piston Stirling engine for a fish robot
Student's model fish robots (educations)

4. Did you enjoy this web site?
I enjoyed it very much.
I enjoyed it.
I did not enjoyed it.
I did not enjoyed it at all.

5. Is the explanation of this web site easy or difficault?
It is difficult. I could not understand it.
It is difficult. But, I could understand it.
It is good level. I could understand it.
It is too easy.

6. Do you think if the study of the fish robot has value?
Yes, I set a high value on the study.
Yes, I set a low value on the study.
I set few value on the study.
I set no value on the study.

7. Would you connect to my home page again?
I do not know.

8. Please write your comments.

When you finished with the questionnaire, please click one of these buttons.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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