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Chapter 1. Basic Machining and Tips


A Useful Tool for Machining: Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is a tool which rotates a grindstone at high speed. It is used for grinding off burrs or tools, such as a byte of a lathe and a drill. It is one of the machines which is indispensable to the machining process.

Fig.1, Bench Grinder

The bench grinder is a very dangerous machine, though it is simple. Please note the following Safety Advice.

(1) In the grinding process, the fingers are sometimes near the rotating grindstone so take care not to come into contact with the grindstone. The material being ground can become hot to the touch and it is advisable to cool the part in a coolant solution, particularly if removing large amounts of material. Resist the urge to use gloves as gloves can easily be caught by the rotating grindstone resulting in server injury.

(2) When grinding small parts, extra care must be taken as such parts can be "grabbed" by the grins stone and projected out of the grinder at high speeds resulting in severe injury being sustained ALWAYS USE EYE PROTECTION WHEN GRINDING.

(3) Generally, the bench grinder is used for grinding steel however, if grinding aluminium, copper or other alloys, the grindstone can become blocked and this leads to inefficient grinding and overheating.

(4) You should periodically inspect the grindstone for cracks or chips and re-dress the stone or replace as required. ENSURE YOU REMOVE THE PLUG FROM THE SOCKET BEFORE THE INSPECTION TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL STARTING.

Convenience Tool: Hand Grinder

A hand grinder as shown in Figure 2 is also a tool which rotates a grindstone but in this case the grinding medium is a thin disc that can be used for either grinding or cutting metal. It is usually used for cutting off material after a welding process or cutting off burrs. Although it is a convenient tool, it is a dangerous tool like the bench grinder. Again, eye protection should be worn when using a hand grinder.

Fig.2, Hand Grinder

Fig.3, Use of the Hand Grinder

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