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Chapter 2. Cut-off Machines and Tools


Cutting Sheet Material

A bandsaw is used to cut sheet material. It has a rotating saw blade, and the material is pushed to the blade for cutting.

Fig.1, Bandsaw

Notes for using a bandsaw

(1) Leave a small amount of material on the waste side of the cutting line as the final cut is usually done using a milling machine.
(2) The height of the saw blade guide is adjustable and should be adjusted so that the material will just pass under the guide. Too much gap will allow the saw blade to bend resulting in an inaccurate cut.
(3) Even if the material becomes hot, don't use protective gloves. Since are easily caught by the teeth of the saw blade possibly resulting in injury.
(4) Ensure that you press the material firmly in the saw table to maintain control of the material being cut.
(5) Firm but gentle force should be used on the work piece so that the saw blade is not distorted or even broken during the cutting process.
(6) Don't cut round or other similer shapes in a bandsaw as they such shapes tend to be unstable resulting in danger to the operator as a result of an uncontrolled movement of the material.
(7) Do not place a finger of hand in front of the blade when cutting as it is possible to be injured by the blade. Also, take care when finishing the cut as the two parts of the material will separate thus exposing the teeth of the blade.

Procedure of the Cutting down a Plate or Sheet

Using a band saw is relatively simple. As shown in Figures 2 - 5, pushed into the saw blade for cutting.

Fig.2, Marking
The material is marked using a scribe and ruler. The scribed line needs to be reasonable accurate and consideration needs to be give to reduce the amount of waste.

Fig.3, Marked Board Material
It is recommended to cut to within 3 mm of the line on the waste side thus allowing for more accurate cutting to the line using a milling machine.

Fig.4 Cutting
The middle of two marked lines is cut pressing down firmly with both hands.

Fig.5, Cut Material
Example of material cut using the bandsaw.

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