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Chapter 2. Cut-off Machines and Tools


Straight Cutting of a Thin Sheet

When an aluminum alloy sheet, which has less than 2 mm thickness, or a stainless steel sheet, which has less than 1 mm thickness, are cut down, a guillotine as shown in Figure 1 is used. The cutting process is very easy as shown in Figs2 - 4, but it can only cut in a straight.

Fig.1, Guillotine
A guillotine is used for cutting a thin material.

Fig.2, Fixing the Material
A marked sheet is set the position for cutting to the edge.

Fig.3, Step on a Pedal Strongly
The machine is actuated by stepping on the pedal.

Fig.4, Cut Material
The guillotine does leave a small burr that will need to be removed.

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