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Chapter 2. Cut-off Machines and Tools

Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

Easy Cutting of a Thick Material

The oxy-acetylene cutting process is achieved by blowing away the molten material, which is melted by the combustion heat of acetylene gas and oxygen. Generally, only steel material is cut using this process and material of remarkable thickness can be cut. However, the thickness that can be cut is based on a user's skill and the size of a torch used.

Fig.1, Torch for the Cutting

Fig.2, Tip of the Torch

Actual Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

The following photographs shows the demolition of the old experimental equipment. In this case, the steel materials, which have about 20 mm of thickness, are cut by the oxy-acetylene cutting.

(1) Experimental Equipment to Demolish

(2) Cutting

(3) Cutting

(4) Scrap
Fig.3, Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

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