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Chapter 2. Cut-off Machines and Tools

Other Cut-off Tools

Convenient Tools

The following tools are also convenient for cutting.

Fig.1, Tin Snips
Tin snips are used for cutting thin sheet material and there are three basic types, straight left hand and right hand.

Fig.2, Pliers
Pliers can be used to cut wire and thin rod and are also used for bending and holding.

Fig.3, Side Cutters
Side cutters are typically used to cut copper wire or other soft material, cutting steel can cause damage to the cutting edge.

Fig.4, Utility Knife
The utility knife as shown in the photograph is typically used to cur rubber, paper and other soft materials.

Fig.5, Circle Cutter
The circle cutter is a very useful tool for cutting round shapes out of soft materials e.g Gaskets.

Fig.6, Saw for Woodwork
The photograph shows and example of the many saws available for the cutting of timber. Although they are not used for curing metal, the need to cut timber can often occur in a metalworking shop.

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