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Chapter 3. How to Use a Lathe

Using a Side Tool

The General Side Tool for Lathe

Figure 1 shows the general cutting tool for a lathe processing. This tool has a edge at the left side of the tool. It is used to cut the outside surface and a flat edge of the material.

Fig.1, External Cutting Byte

If the byte is set to lean ...

The tool must to adjust in the suitable height. That is the common knowledge of the lathe operations. Also the edge of cutting tools must touch to the material correctly. When the tool is set, we should adjust the leaning as shown in Figure 2.

Fig.2, Leaning of the Byte

Process of Outside Surface and Edge Surface

There are two types of cuttings methods for the side tool.

The tool can cut the outside surface of a material as shown in Figure 3(a). The tool is sent to the left.

The tool also cut the flat edge surfcae of the material as shown in Figure 3(b). the tool is sent to the forward.

These are the most fundamental operation of the lathe.

Fig.3, Process of Outside and Edge Surface

Fig.4, Process of Outside Surface

Fig.5, Process of Edge Surface

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