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Chapter 4. How to Use a Milling Machine

Drilling with a Miiling Machine

Making of Accurate Holes using Milling Machine

Since a milling machine can perform exact positioning, a drilling process can be carried out to an exact position. It is more efficient to process it using a drilling machine, if it is easy drilling process. However, when correctness is required of the position of the holes, or when there are many holes, the milling machine is suitable. Moreover, it is also the characteristics of the drilling with the milling machine that the taper drill of a large diameter can be used.

Fig.1, Taper Drill

Fig.2, Drilling using a Milling Machine

Drilling with a Milling Machine

Generally, we make a drill with the milling machine, when the position of the holes need high accuracy. In order to get the accuracy, it is needed to the positioning of the original point, and using of a center drill is better before the drilling.

Fig.3, Positioning by Point Master

Fig.4, Center Drill

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