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Chapter 4. How to Use a Milling Machine

Milling with a Jig

Making of Optional Angle with a Simple Jig

Generally, a milling machine and a lathe process the angle of 90 degrees easily. However, it may often be necessary to cut material angles other than 90 degrees. For example, the mechanical part of a fish robot, as shown in Figure 1, has 10 degrees of the angle at the hollow part. In such cases, we should prepare a simple jig as shown in Figure 2. It has a trapezoid shape, and when the width is set to long, the angle has comparatively a high accuracy.

Fig.1, Part Plan of a Fish Robot
This is a part plan. This part has 10 degrees of angle at the hollow part.

Fig.2, Jig
In order to cut the 10 degrees, a simple jig is prepared. The jig has a trapezoid shape.

Fig.3, Location of a Part
The part with 90 degrees of the hollow part is located on the simple jig.

Fig.4, Milling Process
The part is set to the vise of the milling machine. And it is cut with the side edge of the end mill.

Fig.5, Completed Part
The part is completed, though I do not know the accuracy.

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