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Chapter 6. Other Kinds of Machinings

Handling of FRP

About FRP

The FRP is hardened glass fibers by resin. The strength of FRP is higher than general plastic materials. And it is lighter than metal material. Moreover, if a suitable mold is made, processing of a curved surface is also comparatively easy. If processing of FRP can be treated very well, we can get the machine of various form.
Procedure of FRP Process

The procedure, which manufactured the body of fish robot, UP-2001, is introduced. In this case, the mold was made from wood and urethane, and FRP was put on it. Although many time is needed, if the mold of gypsum is made, more beautiful processing is possible.

Making of Mods

(1) Wooden Frame
A fish robot's wooden frame is created. It has the form of the curved surface (streamline) .

(2) Insertion of Urethane
Urethane boards are inserted into the wooden frame. This is the mold of FRP, and it functions also as a fish robot's float.

(3) Cutting of Urethane
Urethane is cutting carefully using a saw and a file.

(4) Completion of the molds
All molds are finished. The cellophane tape is stuck on the surface in the part which wants to remove urethane after FRP processing.
Fig.1, Making of Molds

Making of FRP

(1) Cutting of Mat and Cloth
The glass mat and cloth, which is the material of FRP, are cutting in suitable sizes.

(2) Preparation of Resin
Resin and a hardening agent are prepared at a suitable rate.

(3) Start to FRP Process
First, the resin is fully applied to the prepared molds.

(4) Glass Layer
The mat and the cloth are laminated by turns. Resin is applied for every sheet. In this case, we used three mats and two croth.
Fig.2, Making of FRP

Molding of FRP

(1) Completion of FRP
Resin became hard completely several hours after.

(2) Cutting of Disused Section
A hand grinder cuts an unnecessary portion. The powder of FRP at this time is quite intense.

(3) Hand Grinder
Surface unevenness is lost by the hand grinder.

(4) Belt Sander
The surface is cleaned by a belt sander.
Fig.3, Molding of FRP


(1) Finish of Polishing
The surface was finished finely.

(2) Putty
Furthermore, it carries out the putty processing to fine holes and convex portions. Don't get not impatient here.

(3) Painting
The FRP bodys are painted with two-tone color of white and skyblue.

(4) Completed Fish Robot
A fish robot's body made from FRP was completed. It is a fully satisfying result.
Fig.4, Finishing

Examples of FRP Parts

Several examples of manufacture which used some FRP are introduced. Figure 5 shows a model Stirling engine amphibious ship. Its hull is made by FRP (carbon fiber). It has too high strength. Moreover, Figure 6 shows a man-powered boat for a competition. FRP (carbon fiber) is used for a hull and a frame.

Fig.5, Model Stirling Engine Boat

Fig.6, Man-Powerd Boat

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