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Chapter 6. Other Kinds of Machinings


About Adhesives

When assembling a machine, adhesives and a filler (a seal agent and putty) may be needed. We have to choose them the right man in the right place well.

Convenient Ashesives and Fillers

Fig.1, Quick-drying Glue
Generally, a quick-drying glue is weak to a shock, then it is not suitable for adhesion of a strength component. But it is always very convenient.

Fig.2, Epoxy adhesives
The epoxy adhesives are used to mix two kinds of liquids. There are many kinds from what is hardened in about 5 minutes to what is hardened in about 24 hours. When it hardens, it is the feature that intensity becomes strong.

Fig.3, Multi-Purpose Adhesives
The multi-purpose adhesives are quite powerful adhesives.

Fig.4, Adhesives for Rubber, Vinyl and Styrene foam
Abobe adhesives use for adhesion of rubber, vinyl, styrene foam, and etc. We must choose them suitably. Especially, the styrene foam may melt if it is not used the suitable adhesives.

Fig.5, Adhesives for Woodwork
Abobe adhesives has good handling for woodwork. It is treated by water. And if it is dried firmly, it is very strong.

Fig.6, Ceramic Adhesives
They are the special adhesives which can be used also in a high temperature part. However, it is weak against a shock and is easy to carry out a crack.

Fig.7, Adhesives for Acrylics
They are the adhesives only for acrylics. If they use carefully, adhesion in which the beauty of a transparent acrylics board was harnessed can be performed.

Fig.8, Silicone Filler
The filler often uses in a bathtub etc, and has high seal performance. But there is almost no effect of adhesion.

Fig.9, Seal Agent
Various seal agents are marketed. We have to choose according to the kind and use of an adhesion side.

Fig.10, Putty
The putty is used when preparing surface form. Usually, the object for thin coating (below thickness 2 mm) and the object for thick coating are marketed, and we choose according to a use.

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