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Chapter 6. Other Kinds of Machinings


About Plumbing

Although it differs from machining, when making a fluid machine treating gas or a liquid, the knowledge and technology of plumbing become important. There are many standardized plumbing parts. If they are combined, the seal of 10 atmospheric pressure (1.0 MPa) grade or the pressure beyond it, is also easy. Some plumbing tools and parts are introduced on this page.
Cutting of a Pipe

For the plumbing, a copper pipe or a stainless steel pipe are used in many cases. When cutting a pipe, it is good to use the pipe cutter as shown in Figure 1. If a hand saw is used for the cutting a pipe, it may be crushed

(a) Pipe Cutter
This is a pipe cutter for cutting a comparatively thin pipe. If it is a copper pipe to a diameter 12 mm grade, it can cut easily.

(b) Cutting of a Copper Pipe
The pipe cutter is turned binding the edge of a pipe cutter tight. With the repeated rotation, the pipe can be cut finely.
Fig.1, Pipe Cutter

Bending of a Pipe

When bending a pipe, a pipe vender as shown in Figure 2 is used. A soft copper pipe can also bend by a hand without the special tool, but in such cases, the bent part may collapse. The pipe vender must arrange some kinds according to the diameter of pipes.

For bending the copper pipe which became hard, it is ...

The old copper pipe is hard and it may be hard to bend. In such cases, it will become soft if a copper pipe is lightly heated with a gas burner.

Fig.2, Pipe Benders
Procedure of Bending a Pipe

(1) A Copper pipe is set to the tool, and bend an optional angle.

(2) The pipe, which bent using the pipe vender, is finished finely.
Fig.3, Procedure of Bending a Pipe

Connecting of Pipes

There are many methods of connecting pipes. The flaring conection is the most fundamental and easy method.

(a) Flaring Tool
A special tool called a flaring tool is prepared.

(b) Fixation of a copper pipe
A copper pipe is fixed to the flaring tool. The position is decided by a diameter.

(c) Completed Flare
A handle of the tool is turned, and the tip of a copper pipe is changed. It is made the shape of a trumpet (flare).

(d) Flering Joint
It attaches in a marketed flaring joint. If it binds tight exactly, the seal to about 10 atmospheric pressure is easy.
Fig.4, Flering Tool and Flering Joint

Plumbing Parts

As the described above, many standardized plumbing parts are marketed and they can get easily. There are many kinds, such as the parts which connect pipes, and the parts which connect a pipe and a rubber hose. These plumbing parts often use the taper screw.

(a) Steel Plumbing Parts

(b) Brass Plumbing Parts
Fig.5, Plumbing Parts

Other Plumbing Tools

Other plumbing tools are introduced. A monkey wrench and a pipe wrench, shown in Figure 6, are the necessaries of the plumbing. Moreover, in machining, the tap and dice of the screw for pipes may be needed.

Fig.6, Monkey Wrench and Pipe Wrench

Fig.7, Plumbing Tap

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