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Chapter 5. Weldings and Soldering

Outline of Welding

Kinds of the Weldings

Welding is processing which melts the metal materials with hot heat, and ithey are joined. There are various kinds of the welding depending on how to give heat. An arc welding is used most often as a welding process of steel material. For welding of a comparatively thin plates, it is easy to treat a gas welding. A TIG welding is used for welding of stainless steel or an aluminium alloy.

A soldering is the joining method similar to the weldings, without melting the material itself, it melts only a solder. And it joins to metal materials. The soldering. has a low temperature at the processing compared with the weldings, then it is easy processing.

Fig.1, Arc Welding

Fig.2, Gas Welding

Fig.3, TIG Welding

Fig.4, Soldering
Difficulties of Weldings

Generally, the weldings are more difficult than cutting processes. The metal materials are changed by giving heat, and it becomes difficult to make an accurate size. Moreover, it cannot judge whether the welding is well, because a processing portion is hard to see during welding. Furthermore, a beginner cannot understand whether it has melted to sufficient depth. It seems that therefore, sufficient experience of the procedure (turn of a welding part), setup of a welding equipment, is required in order to perform suitable welding.

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