Global environment protection has come to be more and more important recently, and demand for engines with high efficiency and low pollution is increasing. Stirling engines have a potential solution to the above problems. Because, they have excellent characteristics which are high thermal efficiency, multi-fuel capability and low pollution.

About This Web Site
This web site is based on 'Stirling Engine Home Page', which is private site in Bekkoame Internet, Stirling information at NMRI server, the author's achievements and the author's educational sites for students. This site has not finished to maintain yet.

The Goal of the Site
Stirling engines are used educations to learn@a heat and a work for school students, to learn the machinings for students, experiences and researches for the environmental technologies in the future, and buissiness. The purposes are very variable. The engines have small difference of their structures, but the essence of the Stirling engines is not difference at all. This web site aims to publish the useful information to every Stirling persons.

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