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Environment and Energy Department

In our daily life, we need to transportations of passengers and commodities, and use energy resources to get power and electricity. These processes affect the global environment considerably. In Environment and Energy Engineering Field, we focus on environmental problems related to ship and marine facilities, and conduct researches on environment protection technologies, monitoring technologies and evaluation methods for the purpose of global-scale environment protection. These researches are conducted by five research groups at Mitaka area.
Present research subjects are: countermeasure technologies for oil and chemical materials' spill on the sea, towing of disabled ships, antifouling compounds of ship hull paint and harmful exhaust gas of engines, technologies for environmental monitoring such as a fluorescence laser radar, Life Cycle Assessment of ships, marine power sources, and fundamental technologies related to these fields.

Director Kazuyoshi MATSUOKA

Research Group and Staff List


International Symposium on Antifoulant and Marine Environment

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