Fluids Engineering Department

About our department

The Fluids Engineering Department conducts research on the comprehensive hydrodynamic performance of ships, including propulsive performance, maneuvering performance, and sea-keeping performance, aiming at high performance and safety in waves and ice. The department manages and operates some of the world's largest-scale test facilities such as the 400m Towing Tank, the Medium Towing Tank, the Cavitation Tunnel, and the Ice Model Basin, equipped with experimental tools of all types. The department responds to administrative requests, contract tests, and joint research with external bodies, utilizing the most recent research results.

Director Noriyuki SASAKI

Director for Fluids Engineering & Hull Design Department
        Shotaro UTO

Director for Fluids Engineering & Ship Performance Evaluation Department
        Katsuji TANIZAWA

Research Group (Staff)

Performance of Ships in Actual Seas Research Group
Marine Dynamics Research Group
CFD Research Group
Seakeeping Performance Research Group
Fluid Control Research Group
Tank Testing Technical Group

Cavity Shape Measurements Results on the Conventional and Highly Skewed Propellers of SEIUN-Maru I Working in the Wake Distribution behind NMRI M.S. No.500(Ship Model of SEIUN-Maru)

Observation of Collapsing Root-Cavitation Using a High-Speed Video Camera
400m Towing Tank
150m Towing Tank
Large Cavitation Tunnel
Ice Model Basin