A professional version which operates on Microsoft Excel is prepared.

The professional version, called WWJAPAN-pro, enables you to obtain a more detailed area and seasonal subdivision.

The area is divided into 0.5 degree intarvals at latitude and longitude, and each month is included in the season division in WWJAPAN-pro.

11 kinds of scatter diagram can be used in WWJAPAN-pro. (In Internet version 8 kinds of scatter diagram can only be used.)

The scatter diagram of WWJAPAN-pro displays the number of frequencies instead of that of the Internet version displays permillage.

In addition, WWJAPAN-pro can combine the scatter diagrams between the sea areas and the seasons.

Please see the display images of WWJAPAN-pro.

Click: [Display of MENU], [Scatter diagram]

System requirements

The specifications below are required for WWJAPAN-pro.

Items Requirements
Platform Personal Computer equipped with USB port
OS Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Software Microsoft EXCEL 2010/2013/2016
Minimum Hard Disk 4.5GB
Display resolution 1024×768 pixels (If possible, 1280×1024 pixels) are recommended.
There is no problem in operation though a part of the operation screen is hidden when it is lower than 1024×768 pixels.

Price of 1 license

100,000 YEN (Japan resident needs extra tax)

To order WWJAPAN-pro, please contact with your name, address(affiliation, address, tel, fax and Email) and number of licenses:

National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT
6-38-1, Shinkawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, 181-0004, Japan
FAX: +81-422-41-3784