The Osaka Branch was established in September 1920 as the Osaka Branch of the Shipping Administration Bureau, Ship Equipment Inspection Station, under the prewar Communications Ministry. It was established in April 1963 as the Ship Research Institute under the Ministry of Transport, and moved to the present location in April 1971. Then it made a new start in April 2001 as the Osaka Branch of the National Maritime Research Institute,the Independent Administrative Institution,and becoming present.

   There are a lot of dockyards,marine application factories in the western Japan and they become the accumulation place of the shipbulding industry in our country.
The Osaka Branch makes efforts to implement the reseach to technically support many ship-related industrial plants in the western Japan region and to be able to contribute to the society.For example,the Branch conducts research about the testing, development and improvement of the ship equipment,research for the anti-corrosion on piping, research for corrosion test of ballast water management system using activity substance,
and others.

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Director of the Branch
Morifumi Aida
Staff List
kenji Yamane
akio Sakurai
masao Ono
michaki Ikai
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