Database of Winds and Waves

3. Future Research
Some problems still remain on the statistics of winds and waves of the ocean(s). One of them is the reliability of high wave height data, in other words the tails of distribution functions. The other one is the duration time of sea state. They affect the expected maximum values of load, pressure, motion and so on of ships and ocean structures in long-term predictions. It is important for designers to know the values in rough seas. In order to make them more reliable, we plan to continue collecting the data of winds and waves and studying the characteristics of data sources.

This Homepage was constructed in a research project "Research for Oceanic Atomospheric Database" of Science and Technology Agency, Japan. We are grateful to Meteorological Agency, Japan for offering the ship weather report and hindcast data. We are also grateful to NOAA and JPL, U.S.A. for offering buoy and satellite data.


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