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KRISO Container Ship (KCS)


The KCS was conceived to provide data for both explication of flow physics and CFD validation for a modern container ship with a bulbous bow (i.e., ca. 1997). The Korea Research Institute for Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO) performed towing tank experiments to obtain resistance, mean flow data and free surface waves (Van et al, 1998a,b, Kim et al, 2001).  Self propulsion tests were carried out at the Ship Research Institute (now NMRI) in Tokyo and are reported in the Proceedings of the CFD Workshop Tokyo in 2005 (Hino, 2005). Later, resistance tests were also reported by NMRI (See Zou and Larsson, 2014). Data for pitch, heave, and added resistance are available from Force/Dmi measurements reported in Simonsen et al. (2008).

No full scale ship exists.

The hull geometry and relevant loading conditions and speeds are described under Geometry and Conditions, from where the hull, propeller and rudder descriptions can be downloaded.

Guidelines for the output from the CFD predictions are given under Instructions to participants. Note that there are specific instructions as well as a questionnaire to be filled out for each method.


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