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Marine Environment & Engine System
  • Power and Energy System Research and Development Group
  • koichi Hirata [Head(Concurrent post)]
  • Sumito Nishio [Senior Researcher]
  • Hidenori Sekiguchi [Senior Researcher]
  • Takeyuki Kishi [Chief Researcher]
  • Yoichi Niki [Chief Researcher]
  • Yasuhisa Ichikawa [Chief Researcher]
  • Yoshifuru Nitta [Researcher]
  • Xiao Ma [Researcher]
  • Environmental Analysis Research Group

  • Hideyuki Shirota [Head]
  • Ryuji Kojima [Senior Researcher]
  • Eiichi Muraoka [[Global Cooperation C]Sinior Director(Concurrent post)]
  • Takeshi Yokoi [Chief Researcher]
  • Environmental Analysis Research Group

  • Chiori Takahashi [Head]
  • Hirotomo Ando [Senior Researcher]
  • Masaki Adachi [Senior Researcher]
  • Akiko Masuda [Senior Researcher]
  • Yoshitaka Yamaguchi [Chief Researcher]
  • Mayuko Nakamura [Researcher]
  • Environmentally-friendly Engine Research Group
  • Masahide Takagi [Head]
  • Atsuto Ohashi[Senior Researcher]
  • Yasuo Imai [Chief Researcher]
  • Bondarenko Oleksiy [Chief Researcher]
  • Satoshi Kawauchi [Chief Researcher]
Knowledge & Data System
Marine Risk Assessment
  • Toshiyuki Kano [Director(Concurrent post)]
  • Hideyuki Oka [Deputy Director]
Offshore Advanced Technology