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Papers of National Maritime Research Institute 
Vol.14-1,14-2,14-3,14-4 (2014)




Papers of National Maritime Research Institute 



LinkIcon A Fundamental Study on Improvement in Efficiency of Spray Painting

LinkIcon The research and development of an anti-fatigue smart paste

LinkIcon Thermal Sprayed Metal Coatings with Corrosion Protection and Antifouling Properties

LinkIcon Ultimate Longitudinal Strength of Ships’ Hull Girder under Combined Loading

LinkIcon Preparation of Ship Emission Data on Concentrations of Air Pollutants in the Present Status and Future

LinkIcon Effects of Ambient and Fuel Injection Condition on NOx and Nano-particle Emission Characteristics in Marine Diesel Engine

LinkIcon Frequency Analysis of Cryogenic Fluid’s Leakage on FLNG

LinkIcon Review of IAEA safety standards in light of lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident and Japan’s contribution – Identification and evaluation of potential incidents caused by natural hazards during transport of radioactive materials

LinkIcon Establishment of New Consequence Assessment System for Emergency Response of Competent Authority to Maritime Transport Accidents Involving Radioactive Material

LinkIcon Marine Traffic Observation and Analysis for Quantification of Ship Collision Frequency

LinkIcon Evaluation of risk levels of the ships navigating in Japanese coastal waters

LinkIcon Study on Application of Risk-based Maintenance to Marine Diesel Engine

LinkIcon On the Theory of Wave Energy Absorption by Floating Body

Development of “Guidelines for Radiation Shielding Evaluation of Transport Casks by Monte Carlo Method”
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