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Marine Environment & Engine System



This department conducts research into environmental preservation related to ships and marine structures in the following areas:・Upgrading of simulation technologies that form the basis to realizing a rational environmental regulation system for the oceans and the atmosphere.・Development and evaluation of various technologies to reduce emissions of CO22, NOxx, SOxx, PM and other pollutants from ships.
In addition, we will introduce new marine gas engine testing equipment to start leading research on future fuel conversions.




Kazuyoshi Harumi
Koichi Hirata
Michihiro Kameyama
Hideyuki Shirota
Chiori Takahashi
Masahide Takagi
Sumito Nishio
Hidenori Sekiguchi
Ryuji Kojima
Hirotomo Ando
Masaki Adachi
Akiko Masuda
Atsuto Ohashi




Power and Energy System Research and Development Group
Environment Assessment Research Group
Environmental Analysis Research Group
Environmentally-friendly Engine Research Group