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Contribution and Collaboration
Contribution to the development of international regulations and standards on safety and environmental protection

International regulations and standards for enhancing maritime safety and protecting marine environment have been developed, amended and implemented through deliberations in the International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other international bodies. The NMRI actively contributes to the deliberations in these organizations by conducting investigations and researches to provide technical support, preparing documents, participating meetings, undertaking tasks aschairman and coordinator of the meetings/groups, and organizing international conferences.

Activities Supporting Establishment of International Standards
The International Maritime Organization (London)
Promotion of Collaborative Research with External Organizations

Collaboration with academia, industry and other public research bodies is essential if the research needed to resolve the policy issues facing the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is to be carried out reliably and smoothly. The NMRI actively promotes exchanges between these bodies through joint research, contracted studies, etc.

The University of Tokyo Osaka Prefecture University Kyushu University
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Kogakuin University
Ryutsu Keizai University Yokohama National University
Tokyo Denki University Osaka University Nihon University

Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)
Sao Paulo University, Brazil
Korean Maritime Institute (KMI)
State University of Campinas, Brazil

We also run open laboratories with platform capabilities in order to put the research facilities owned by the NMRI to good use and to build effective cooperation that fuses the knowledge and knowhow of the NMRI with the seed technologies and knowledge of industry and the universities.

In order to stimulate research activity and promote the spread of the products of research, at the request of universities the NMRI has established a system of collaborative graduate schools under which we undertake research guidance, accreditation and the training of interns.
With regard to issues that require international initiatives, we are working strategically to conclude agreements on research collaboration with overseas research organizations, to undertake international joint research, and to hold international symposia and seminars.