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Research Achievements
The NMRI is actively engaged in passing on to society its research achievements and intellectual properties (patents, programs etc.) obtained through its research and development activities.
Hope Light : Hull Optimization Program

HOPE Light is the ship design support tool providedby NMRI which, with minimum input data of principal dimensions of the vessel (including twinskeg ships), enables to predict the ship performance such as Energy Efficiency Design Index(EEDI) and the sea margin/speed loss during navigation based on simple assumptions.

Input of hull form particulars
Calculation of decrease of ship speed in all directions at sea
EEDI for twin-skeg type Panamax bulk carrier
Flow analysis system for hull form design

The NMRI provides ship grid generation software (HullDes) and fl ow analysis software (NEPTUNE, SURF) developed by the CFD Research Group. We also provide “One-Click CFD", an easily-operated packaged solution for grid generation and fl ow analysis.

Automatic grid generation using HullDes
Visualization of computed results
NMRIW: The Computation Program for Wave Loads

NMRIW simulates the dynamic behavior of a ship subjected to regular and irregular waves. All six degrees of freedom are computed in the time domain. Ship motion, acceleration, wave loads and wave pressure can be simulated. A non-linear strip theory approach is used to compute the hydrodynamic forces acting on the hull under various wave and ship speed condition.

Animation of the computed results
Shell plate expansion patent and shell plate expansion program
Shell plate welded after plateforming
Expanded shell plate diagram

With regard to sheet metal forming works in shipbuilding, we develop new methodology to develop a curved surface of a ship to the corresponding flat plate by analyzing lines of curvature on the surface. The supporting system is also developed to assist workers who are involved in sheet metal forming works, and the system indicates detailed work procedure for press working such as location and amount of each work step.