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Research Facilities
The world’s highest level of large-scale testing facilities in the maritime sphere
400m Towing Tank
One of the world’s largest towing tanks
Length 400m Width 18m
Depth 8m Max. speed 15m/s
Actual Sea Model Basin
Length 80m Width 40m Depth 4.5m X-Y towing carriage
Wave generators around The Entire periphery of the basin
Wind generator
Ocean Engineering Tank
Length 40m Width 27m Depth 2m
X-Y Carriage
Wave, Wind and Current Generator
Pulsating Wind Tunnel with Water Channel
Wind tunnel section
3 x 2 x 15m
Max. wind velocity 30m/s
Water channel section
3 x 1.5 x 15m
Deep Sea Basin
Max. water depth 35m Upper basin 14mø x 5m
Deep pit 6mø x 30m Wave & Current generators
Equipment for measuring 3-D behavior underwater
High Pressure Tank
Diameter 1.1m
Height 3.0m
Environments to depths of 6000m
Large Cavitation Tunnel
Height 10m, Breadth 18m Pressure: 0.005~0.2MPa
No.1 working section: 0.75ø x 2.25m
No.2 working section: 2.0m x 0.88m x 8m
Ice Model Basin
Length 35m
Width 6m
Depth 1.8m
Ice growing rate 2.5mm/h
Multi Axis Loading System
Reaction force fl oor: 12m(L) x 8m(B) Reaction force wall :4m(H) x 8m(B)
Capacity of Autuators: Maximum Load ±1200kN(Static)
±1000kN(Dynamic) Stroke ±100mm
Analysis System for Materials and Chemicals
Transmission electron microscope
High resolution scanning electron
Chromatograph mass spectrometer
(Gas, Liquid)
X-ray diffract meter
Bridge Simulator for Navigation Risk
Cylindrical screen r=6.5m Field of view (HxV) 240° x 40°
Bridge: Length 4m, Breadth 4m Height 2.2m
Bridge Motion Platform Pitch ±10°, Roll±15°
Four-Stroke Cycle Marine Diesel Engine
No. of Cyl. : 3 Cyl. Bore : 230mm
Max. Continuous Output : 257.4kW (350PS)
Max. Continuous Speed : 420rpm