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Site Policy

1. Disclaimer
 Although NMRI makes every effort to provide the accurate information, NMRI does not guarantee the contents of this website. NMRI is not responsible for the loss and /or damage caused by using and/or accessing this website. NMRI accept no responsibility or liability regarding the loss or damage caused by false NMRI website.
 The URL and/or information of this website are subject to change or cancel without prior notice.

2. Copyright

 Expect personal or authorized use under the copy right laws, NMRI holds the copyright of all the materials/contents of NMRI website. If you wish to use the materials on the website, please contact “Contact” of the website by e-mail (info2@nmri.go.jp) However, depending on the purpose of usage, it may not be approved, or certain conditions may be applied.

3. Linking This Site

 Unless it is individually mentioned on the website, you may link NMRI website freely as long as it is clearly identified to be linked to NMRI homepage.

 However the following links are prohibited:

  • 1) A link which may offend public order and morality
  • 2) A link which may create the possibility of collaboration and/or partnership with NMRI.
  • 3) A link suggesting the linked site is instructed or supported by NMRI.
  • 4) A link against the legality of copyright law