Risk Assessment Application for Dragging AnchorIKARI–ing Ver2

"Risk Assessment Application for Dragging Anchor Ver2"is a system which simply estimates risk level of dragging anchor while anchoring based on the basic ship information (ship types/principal particulars) and the marine weather forecasts.

It was primarily developed to support the captain and crew make decisions under severe weather conditions.

This system can be used for free.

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If the applicable gross tonnage is not listed, input gross tonnage of your ship directly.

And if the applicable ship type is not listed, select ship type whose shape is the most similar to your ship's.

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How to unzip


Open File Explorer and find the zipped folder.

To unzip the entire folder, right–click to select "Extract All", and then follow the instructions.


Double click "AnchorRiskCalculator.exe" and execute "IKARI–ing Ver2".

For more information on how to use the software, click Open Manual in the software's File menu.