Test cases and data

Description, Geometry and References

Conditions and Items

Test case Ship Condition Detail Instruction
1.1 KCS Towed (Fixed) 1.1 pdf file(29/Nov/2004 Updated)
1.2 DTMB Towed (Fixed) 1.2 pdf file(18/Jan/2005 Updated)
1.3 DTMB Towed (Free) 1.3 pdf file(07/Dec/2004 Updated)
1.4 KVLCC2M Towed (Fixed) 1.4 pdf file(10/Dec/2004 Updated)
2 KCS Self propelled 2 pdf file(29/Nov/2004 Updated)
3 KVLCC2M Obliquely towed 3 pdf file(18/Jan/2005 Updated)
4 DTMB Diffraction 4 pdf file(17/Dec/2005 Updated)
5 KVLCC2M Towed (Fixed) 5 pdf file(17/Dec/2005 Updated)