The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas

The 75th meeting

Date: 12th, Dec., 2017

Place: Osaka University, Nakanoshima


<Special Lecture on Tank Testing Technology>
Part1; The measurement technology of tank model test and actual shipK. Hoshino (NMRI, MPAT)
Part2; Flow-Induced Vibration of a Circular Cylinder K. Hoshino (NMRI, MPAT)
<General Presentations>
The long-period components of added resistance in irregular wavesM. Kuroda (NMRI, MPAT)
Added Shaft Power in Waves Estimated by On-board Monitoring Data M. Minoura, T. Nanjo (Osaka Univ.)
Free Surface Effects on Bilge-keel component of Roll DampingT. Katayama (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
Automatic measurement system for Actual Sea Model BasinM. Kuroda, M. Tsujimoto, K. Hoshino (NMRI, MPAT)
Introduction of the HOLISHIP project in EUS. Naito (Osaka Univ.)
Report on 28th ITTC Full ConferenceM. Tsujimoto (NMRI, MPAT)

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